See what Cloud 9 customers say about our work!

The people who work there make you feel so welcome and aren't pushy. I always have a good time and look forward to my bimonthly trips there. They now sell locally made resin art which is so cool! They offer a wide variety of CBD products but also offer incense, incense burners, this dope dragon statue I saw, and smoke odor eliminator spray (it's GREAT for your bathroom). If you're looking for Wildberry incense in the village go here!

Erica L.

Great store they know what they are talking about!

Alfred H.

The staff here are helpful and friendly, and the store is very clean. Great little shop with a lot of products!

Update 9/9/20: Went in to get some disposable Hyde vapes and again the store is super clean, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful! I love the products that they recommended! The prices are very reasonable too. Definitely support this local shop if you vape, or smoke, because they're really great and I hope they're around for years to come!

Chantelle A.

Great selections and knowledgeable staff that are willing to help without any question.

My Little paradise.

We like this little vape shop very much. They have come a long way since they first opened and have a nice selection. They will special order stuff for regulars too. Very nice people. In the summer the owner would always insist on giving us cold bottles of water out of their cooler for free.

Mother Love

Best vape shop in buffalo! Amazing people and my dog loves them too. Lol very knowledgeable and helpful no matter what trouble you have.

Alexis Frankson

Loved it. Found everything I needed. Employees were very nice. They should explain some things more in detail. I bought a coil and didn't know that thinner or thicker liquids would make a difference in my vape pen,now because I bought the wrong coil I can't use it. But besides that excellent.

Shani Gomez

Great set of guys that won't steer you in the wrong direction. They always answer my questions and education me. Been going there for years. Highly recommend for your any of your smoke needs, vapes, glass, hookah they got it all. Thanks you Cloud 9 you guys rock!

Eric Roliniski

Great place. Super nice staff. Definitely recommend. Great selection of mods and juice.

Dave Piscitello

I heard good things about this place. They really do exceed your expectations. The help you get is just incredible. They aren't pushy with the sale, the make sure the customer is up to date and knowledgeable with whatever they are purchasing. Unlike more places they actually care about the customer and not just about your money. I even tried to tip the guy and he wouldn't accept it. Honest people there, seriously!

Jennifer Rivera

Good selections of products and friendly service. Good prices also

John LaFalce

Went in there to buy a tank and right when I was about to buy one the man over the counter actually asked me questions on what exactly I needed. I would've over paid 30 bucks for a tank that wasn't even going to work if he never said anything. It just goes to show these guys aren't after your money. Honestly is truly the best policy! Highly recommend this place! You definitely have my business.

Connor Stanaj

has been a GREAT experience here always. Very friendly and fast service. They won't just sell you anything. And Very nice store. Pleasant and clean place to shop.

Tashia Keith

Been going at Cloud 9 for years! Great guys over there that know what they're doing. The inventory is always stocked and if it's something I need they have no problem with ordering it for me. Very honest and knowledgeable with pretty much everything they have and they have a lot! Pretty much everything for your smoking and vaping needs. I got to try out a Hookah Cup from there and I was blown away. It's literally a hookah in a cup I can just carry in my hand and smoke on the go. Delicious flavors with an actually orange head. How they do it, I have no clue but it's amazing. go check it out! Thanks again guys.

Alex Santiago